Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to some of the most common questions.

How the Application works:

How the Application works?  (Basic steps)

1. Registration - on the beginning you need to register to our Application

2. Questionair - you need to answer the questionair regarding your personal data and income

3. Payment - you pay by a payment card

4. Download - you download your tax return and summary letter

5. Print - you print the tax return

6. Mail - you mail or bring the tax return to the tax office based on instructions OR you can pay extra 200 czk to us to file the tax return on your behalf

 (If you don`t have printer, check FAQ "I don`t have a printer . How can I get my tax return?")

Why is Czech Taxes Online application better than other similar applications for tax return preparation?

These are the main differences compared to other similar applications:

Help on the chat – if you are not sure with anything, you can easily reach us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and chat with us.

We will review your tax return to make sure it is made correctly (there is an extra fee for this).

The application includes Statement of income for the Social insurance office (ČSSZ) and for the Health insurance company (Přehledy).

You will receive a Summary letter with detailed instructions on how to proceed further after completing the tax return.

What can I do if I I did not receive registration email for access to application?

Check the SPAM folder. If you can not find registration email there, than please contact our support:

What can the CzechTaxesOnline support desk ( ) do for me?

We can register you at the tax office, social office and health insurance office
We can find out your DIC (tax number) and Variable symbol (for social insurance)
We can edit your data in the tax return, if you allow us to
We can contact the tax office in case you don’t get your refund
We can edit the invoice if you need
We can trace your payment to our bank account

Can I edit my tax return after the fee payment?

Yes, you can go back to your tax return and easily correct all the data which are wrong. There is no additional fee for this. You can`t change Name and ICO (= business number); this is because the payment was done for one person and is linked to your name. If you made typo in your name and you need to edit it, than please contact our support desk

How can I pay for the Application?

After you have filled in all of your data, then you will be asked to pay the fee. The fee can be paid only online by payment card. If you can`t pay by payment card, contact please our support desk

I did not download the tax return; can I do it later?

Yes, you need to log in back to the Application and find the tax return and Statements at the end of the Application.

Will I get an invoice for the fee I paid?

Yes, you can download the invoice with the tax return after the payment of the fee. If you need to change anything on the invoice, you will need to contact our support desk:


When the Application is not Suitable for you:

The application is not suitable for you if you have had a loss in earnings from previous years and want to claim on them this year, if you want to tax income in the  separate tax base according to §16a of the Income tax Act. The application also does not allow claiming for research and development expenses, EET cash register, trade union contributions, and payments for future education.

Does the Application allow me to send the tax return through my databox (=Datová schránka)?

Yes, our application generates .XML form which you can send through the data box to the Financial office. The Social security office and the health insurance offices can receive the statements by post or by data box.
We will guide you how to send correctly the .XML form to the tax office.

What is a databox (= Datová schránka)?

A databox is an electronic storage site intended for delivery of official documents and for communication with public authority bodies. 

Does the Application allow me to deduct taxes I've paid abroad from my Czech Tax obligations?

No. Although, in most cases taxes paid abroad can be deducted from your Czech Income tax obligations, our program does not currently allow for this possibility. We advise you to contact an accountant to take care of your taxes OR you may use the application but not lower your Czech Tax Obligation by your foreign tax payment.

What support does the Application give me in relation to Visa renewal requirements?

Our Application calculates the probable amount of net income which is required by the Ministry and compares it with your net income. If your net income is not high enough to match this Visa criteria, then the App will let you know and then you should either discuss the next steps with the Visa agency or follow one of our proposals, how to increase the net income. 

The amount of the subsistence minimum for foreign nationals applying for renewal of business visa is set by MOI and you can read more about it here:

You can also find some useful forms relating to Visas application in our “Useful form” section.


Can I calculate tax from my lease income in the Application?

Yes, you can. Lease income is income from the lease of real estate and movable assets (eg: flat, house, car, computer equipment, machines, etc.).

I don`t have a printer . How can I get my tax return?

If you don`t have a printer or possibility to print the tax return anywhere, you can pay extra fee for the Print&Mail service. You can choose this option during your payment of the fee for the tax return. Our help desk will print your tax return together with the Instructions and send it to you by recorded delivery to the address which you give them. We can send the tax return only to your address in Czech Republic.

Are the data from the past tax returns copied to this year?

YES, you log in to your account and click on the grey buttom "Use for new tax return" and all your personal data will be pre-filed to current year tax return.

Tax deadlines and payments:

When is the deadline for submitting your tax return and Statements?

The deadline for submitting your tax return to the tax office is 2.4.2024. The statements for the social security and health insurance offices must be sent to them by 2.5.2024.

If your tax return is submitted electronically, deadline is 2.5.2024. And statements for the social security and health insurance offices must be sent to them by 1.6.2024.

I am late filing; can I still file a tax return?

Yes, you can do it with our application; do it as soon as possible as the later you file the tax return the higher is the late payment penalty. The penalty is calculated from the due tax for each day of delay.

If your tax is zero, then there should be no penalty.

When do I have to pay income tax by?

Income tax is due 1.4.2022 (in case of  an electronically submitted tax return is  2.5.2022) and the subsequent 4 days are not charged. If you pay 5 or more days after the due date, then the Financial office will calculate penalties on the tax owed.

When do I have to pay the final amount of social and health insurance ?

You must pay the final insurance payment to the social insurance and health insurance within 8 days of mailing the Statement of income (= Přehled OSVČ) to Social/health insurance office, however the ultimate deadline is 2.5.2022 (in case of an ellectronically submited tax return is 1.6.2022).
If you pay later than this deadline, a late payment penalty will be charged by Social security and health insurance office.

How do I pay tax correctly?

This info will be part of the Summary letter which you will receive from us together with your tax return. You must use your DIC (= tax number) as the Variable symbol for your payment.

When will I receive my overpayment ?

If you filed your taxes by the end of March, then you should receive the overpayment of income tax by the end of May. If you have not received it, call or visit the tax office. You can also contact our support desk for help.

Does the Application calculate my advances for income tax for next year?

Yes, this information will be part of the Summary letter, which you will receive from us with your tax return.

How can I find out if I owe money to the Financial office?

You can apply for No debt confirmation (= Bezdlužnost) to find out if you have any debt with the tax office. You need to use a special form for this which you can find in the “Useful forms” section. You need to stick a 100 Czk stamp (“kolek”) on the request form and send it by recorded delivery (= Doporučeně) to the financial office (= Finanční úřad).

I paid by bank transafer. When can I download my tax return with all the details?

If you pay by bank transfer it is necessary to check if the amount has actually been credited to our bank account. This takes up to 3 business days. You can then download your tax return.

Tax deductions:

Does the Application allow me to claim deduction on my non-working spouse ?

Yes, if you are married and the income of your spouse does not exceed CZK 68,000, then you can apply for the non-working spouse benefit. Your spouse should sign a declaration saying that she/he did not have income higher than CZK 68,000. Our Application will provide you with this declaration. You need to enclose this declaration with the tax return.

Does the Application allow me to a claim deduction for my children ?

Yes, if you have children under the age of 18 or a student under the age of 26 living in your household, then you can claim the child benefit with our Application and lower your income tax.

Only one parent can claim the child benefit.

The other parent should sign the declaration saying that she/he did not claim the child benefit in her/his tax return. Our Application will provide you with this declaration. You need to enclose this declaration with the tax return.

Can I claim interest from a mortgage/loan ?

If you are repaying a mortgage or a loan, you can deduct the interest you paid from the tax base. The maximum limit is CZK 300,000. It is important that you use borrowed money for permanent housing only. Therefore, it must not be a property that you rent, a recreational object, and so on.

You can find the amount that can be deducted from the tax base on the confirmation of the interest paid, which banks send to their clients every year. Enclose this confirmation with your tax return as an attachment.

Other Information:

I need a stamped copy of my tax return

In this case, don’t send your tax return by post but take two copies to the Financial office and they will stamp your copies in the mailing room (= Podatelna).

May I use this application if I do not live in Czech Republic?

Yes, you can prepare your tax return via our application even  if you do not live in Czech Republic. Please choose option "Submission on behalf of you" before the payment of our fee.

I don’t know what my tax number (= DIC) is.

You can find the tax number in the registration letter from the tax office. If you don’t have it (but you know that you are registered), than you can call the tax office and ask them or we can call the tax office for you, for extra 300 czk.

However if your income tax for this year is ZERO, or you have overpayment, than you can leave it BLANK. Also if you have official birth number, then fill in the birth number and leave the DIC blank.

DIC starts with CZ68 (if you don’t have czech birth number) OR CZ and year of your birth, (for example CZ78 if you are born in 1978)

If you are not self-employed, but you need to pay the tax, you need to apply for the tax number ("VČP"). You can find the Application for the the VCP in  Uselful forms.

You can contact also our support desk

How do I know if the Financial office has received my tax return ?

If you send your tax return by recorded delivery then you can track where it is and see whether they have received it. We will give you guidance how to do it in the Summary letter which will be part of the tax return.

I claimed unemployment benefit (= podpora v nezaměstnanosti) but I don’t know where I should put it on the tax return.

Nowhere - it is not taxed and does not need to be declared.

Do I have to have public health insurance ?

EU and American citizens who work in the Czech Republic as employee or self-employed must register with a public health insurance company and each year must file the statement of income (it’s part of our application). If you are not registered but you should be, contact our support desk or visit a branch of health insurance office (usually VZP or OZP).

Am I required to fill in a Statement of income for the public Health insurance office?

You also need to fill in a Statement of income for the Health insurance office if you are entitled to public health insurance. You are entitled to public health insurance If you are a citizen of EU or USA or if you have permanent residency in CZ. Other citizens must file this statement only if they are publicly insured based on their permanent employment.

I am self-employed, but I am not registered with the Social security office or the health insurance office.

You can contact our support desk for help with the registration.

How do I calculate my total income from self-employment?

If you calculate self-employment income, you should sum up all of your issued invoices which were PAID in 2021 even if they were issued in 2020. You should exclude invoices issued in 2021 and paid in 2022.

What is Income from capital assets ?

The most typical types of income from capital assets are dividends, share on profit where the tax was not paid by a company and interest from foreign bank/ saving account and securities.

Should I use Real expenses OR Lump sum expenses?

Real expenses are the sum of your business related expenses; it can be material, equipment, phone bills, travel costs, goods, accounting costs etc.

Lump sum expenses are a percentage from your income. It is usually 60%, but can be also other %, see below:

  • 60% of entrepreneurial income; limited with CZK 1 200 000
  • 80% of income from agricultural production, forestry and water management and income from craft trade; limited with CZK 1 600 000
  • 40% of income from an independent activity and the income of the authors; limited with CZK 800 000.

How to tax and declare restrected share units (RSU) ?

If you received employment shares (RSU),  these shares should be declared in  „I HAD EMPLOYMENT INCOME“ section.  Please use „Add another employer“ button to add another line. To gross income field write the fair market value (FMV) of employment shares at vesting date in CZK. 

 The employment shares should be taxed in the year of vesting.


If you sold the shares in the amount exceeding the market value (FMV), the profit (difference between selling price and FMV) should be declared under OTHER INCOME section in the tax return. To „income“ field write selling price of shares and to „expenses“ field write the market value of shares at vesting date.

What exchange rate to use for conversion foreign income into CZK?

You have to use exchange rate published by Ministry of Finance. It is exchange rate valid for whole year.


Exchange rates for year 2023 are as follows:

EUR: 23,97 CZK

USD: 22,14 CZK

PLN: 5,31 CZK

GBP: 27,59 CZK

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